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Powerline networking in a home setting

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Emboldened by my studies at the open University …

I’ve been wondering how powerline networking works in a home setting. It is now quite common to buy pairs of homeplug adapters to run Internet over the existing electrical wiring.

To understand performance issues on your home network you need to understand the minutiae of your network! I am becoming an expert…Haha. I am certainly more informed about networks than I was a week ago. Learning about powerline networking was the last piece in the puzzle and it is really hard to find informative articles with the technical details about the technology and how it works.

I found this informative article, Powerline Networking Guide-How To Setup HomePlug Adapters by Steve Cope, which ticks all the boxes in giving a good overview. It even explains how a pair of adapters establishes a connection.  And, as Wikipedia HomePlug informs:

“On many new powerline adapters that come as a boxed pair, a unique security key has already been established and the user does not need to change the password, except when using these with existing powerline adapters, or adding new adapters to an existing network. Some systems support an authenticate button, allowing adapters to be added to the network with just two button presses (one of each of the devices).”

Now, I can go on to research the performance of my home network and get rid of some of the bottlenecks that I have already identified as a result of my research.

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August 28, 2017 at 13:58

The summer project

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Emboldened by my study at the Open University for a BSc (Honours) Computing and IT degree, I have, as a summer project, recycled my old Dell Dimension 300 XP machine. I thought I would give it go and install a Linux operating system.

I did consider purchasing a Raspberry Pi to run a web server for a project that I am developing. However, I didn’t have a spare ethernet port on either of my 2 routers to connect the Raspberry Pi to my home LAN; and I didn’t want to buy a new router. I then realised that I could use my old XP machine which was sitting idly doing nothing and already connected to my home LAN.

Before I installed Xubuntu, I did create an image of my hard drive so that I could restore the Windows XP state, if things went horribly wrong with the Linux installation.

I’m now running Linux Xubuntu 16.04 operating system. The machine is now running like a greyhound! The old Windows XP system was so bloated and running like a dog with no legs: I can’t believe how slow it was when I compare it to the speed that I now have on my Linux operating system.

I’ve gone one step further and installed a web server so that I can run an internal home intranet. Apache2 installed like a dream and accessing the default Apache2 web page via the localhost ( was successful. Accessing the default web page using another machine on the internal network proved a little more tricky until I amended the Ubuntu uncomplicated firewall (ufw) to allow incoming traffic on the relevant web application ports.

I am now ready to start the next phase of the project….

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August 22, 2017 at 16:40

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